Auction in Varna 30 September 2010
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Auction in Varna 30 September 2010
Start: 09/30/2010 19:00
ARCHEOLOGICAL MUSEUM , Varna, 41, Bul. Maria Louisa.
Latitude 43 12 28.0000N  Longitude 27 54 55.0000E
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ARCHEOLOGICAL MUSEUM , Varna, 41, Bul. Maria Louisa.
About the event
For second time we are holding an auction in Varna at the end of the summer. As before the marine theme is emphasized a little more than in our other auctions, but we show also many other kinds of art works for every taste and preference. The bidders can participate in person or on the phone. We also accept bidding offers until 29-th of September in our office in Sofia.

Atanas Mihov - Sunset
Atanas Mihov - Sunset

Attached images
    Atanas Mihov - Sunset
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Results from the event
Description Currency Items Start price sum Sold price sum %
Not sold Levs 65 81930.00    
sold Levs 35 40300.00 46100.00 114.39 %
Total   100 122230.00    
Percentage   35.00%